The Top Basket Design Considerations for Ultrasonic Cleaning

If you are looking to buy an ultrasonic cleaning system, there are sure to be a good many questions in mind. One of them could be the basket design you should go for. It is important to take into consideration the design of the basket or even tray to be used for your ultrasonic cleaner.

The Top Things to Factor In

At hilsonic  we know buying a ultrasonic cleaner is something you are looking forward to. To make it easier for you while making a basket design consideration, we bring in a few factors that you need to consider.

Corrosion Resistance:

You could have different levels of corrosion resistance depending on your cleaning solution. However, because a low concentration of chemicals is needed to be used for cleaning, corrosion is not a factor to consider unless it involves high concentration of chemicals.

How Well Can it Resist Vibrations?

The vibrations in the ultrasonic cleaner can cause difficulty because of repeated exposure. You should take into consideration, the one who has the ability to resist these vibrations.


It is important to drain the ultrasonic cleaner after all the parts have been removed from the solution quickly. This is the reason why there are wire mesh baskets that stop liquids from settling inside.


Keeps Things Glued Together:

The process of cleaning in ultrasonic cleaner happens when the solution cleans the parts that are exposed to the solution; a reason why the surface area of the parts being cleaned is not covered well in the basket of ultrasonic cleaner. Aside from this, we should also take into consideration that the parts are secured and won’t loosely bounce around, it can cause damage.

Aside from knowing these considerations in choosing a design, what are the importance of these baskets and trays on the ultrasonic cleaner?

Baskets and trays hold the different parts and increase the efficiency of your ultrasonic cleaner. They ensure that the products cleaned stay away from contact with the rest of the cleaner, and do not impact on the cavitation process.

The Top Things to Note When Choosing a Basket Design For Your Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • Do remember that if you place anything in the bath, it could affect the cavitation process.
  • Choose a design that helps in maximizing the cavitation action on parts being cleaned.
  • For trays, it is suggested to use the open weave trays because it supports the most efficient cavitation action on parts being cleaned.
  • Do note though that we should also consider the size of the parts. You can keep and clean small items like screws in mesh immersion baskets to ensure that they stay in the right place and do not fall right to the bottom of the tank.

It is important for us to determine what is the right design not only the ultrasonic cleaner but as well as the tools used in it. Like these baskets and trays, we should look for something that not only fit our needs but as well as fit or right for the ultrasonic cleaner that we have.