The R4 Card was the first version of the R4 to be released and was designed for the DS range of consoles from Nintendo. With support for a Micro SD memory card you can store up to 2GB of data on a single memory card for use with your DS console. However for many this was not enough so the R4-SDHC card was released which offered support for newer, higher capacity Micro SDHC memory cards, meaning you could store up to 32GB of data on a single memory card chip. This allows you to take your entire media collection with you on the go, and removes the need to carry around several devices, or even purchase them in the first place.

The R4 SDHC is a more advanced version of the R4 DS card and we recommend you choose it as it support the latest updates from the team and ensure your card will continue working with the latest updates.

R4i Card
The R4i Card comes in two versions, the R4i SDHC for the DSi and DSi XL consoles, and the R4i SDHC 3DS for the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL consoles.

The R4i-SDHC or R4i Card, works with the latest firmware for the DSi/ DSi XL consoles. It was released by the to work with the DSi console once it was released and was later updated to the support the upgraded DSi XL console. Using the R4i card you can add either a Micro SD or SDHC memory card to your console, allowing you take your entire media collection with you on the go, no matter where you go. Using the r4i allows you to playback a wide range of previously unsupported media files, such as movies, music, photos, videos and even eBooks. This gives you endless possibilities, and all without the need for buying a more expensive media device.

R4 3DS
With the release of the 3DS console by Nintendo, a new card was needed, the team decided on the R4i SDHC 3DS or R4-3DS card. Using this card, 3DS console owners could add media files to their consoles, just as they had been able to with the R4 and R4i cards. Thanks to constant work from the development team at, the R4 r4 3ds supports the latest firmware from Nintendo, and is easily upgradable, such any new kernels become available.

At the same time, it is important to comprehend about the mobile phone signal booster and the amplifier system to know their function. A mobile phone signal booster system may be referred to as a set of devices capturing the weak signals, amplifying or verifying them and transmitting. Actually, a mobile phone signal is a sign wave, while the amplitude of these sign waves that get transmitted from the towers happen to reduce with distance and this happens owing to obstacles. Here, a mobile phone signal amplifier system helps in increasing the amplitude that is decreased and thus offers appropriate quality mobile reception.

Can enjoy continuous voice calls without interference of any sort of call drops
Using a mobile phone signal booster, it is possible for one to take a velar voice call without any sort of distortion or noise. On the other hand, a weak mobile signal network also is promoted if your mobile phone receives better signal strength. With good signal strength through modern signal amplifiers, improved and clear voice may be acquired and these also assist in reducing in voice calls the technical noise.

Internet connections stability can be attained
It is indeed very frustrating to have slow internet connections. The internet signals many time become weak owing to obstacles or congestion. Using a mobile phone signal booster you can improve the weakened signals and thus attain internet connection stability that is faster.

Maintenance and Installation is really simple
The mobile phone signal amplifier represents simple devices set consisting of an internal antenna, external antenna, connecting cables and a mobile phone signal amplifier. In fact, maintenance and the installation of these devices can be done effortlessly, even without hiring a technician or to be said plainly, there is no need for a technician’s support.

Device Portability
The device of mobile phone signal amplifier is a small set that it can be easily handled and carried to any place required and this is possible due to its size and simplicity. Thus internet access and voice calls are not an issue any more even in case you travel to remote areas. In the areas having weak signals it can be boosted using a mobile phone signal boosters and thus enjoy steady reception without any hindrance.

Easily available
The systems of mobile phone signal booster is easily obtainable in the market. In fact, there are a wide range of varieties available and now depending on your requirement, you can select an ideal mobile phone signal booster system, an amplifier, to suit your requirements.

The amplifier systems to boost mobile phone signal is easily now available in reasonable and affordable prices. This is owing to the competitiveness in the market.

Overall, a mobile phone signal amplifier system represents a set of devices receiving internet signals or weak mobile signals and it is amplified by the system to get greater and effective strength. High quality internet connections and steady voice call may be attained using a mobile phone signal amplifier system and all this is now easily possible in a short time as it is readily available in reasonable prices.